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Jörgen Nilsson 02 Feb 2022
1 min

Great stuff in MEMCM Tech Preview 2201

It was a while ago since I wrote a post on what’s new in MEMCM Tech Previews but I could not help myself this time, some great stuff in this one! It it amazing that the Product Group ships at least 12 Technical previews each year with new features both small and large. In this release we have custom icons for Task Sequences and Package/programs amazing!

The small ones are often my favorites as they can make all admins life easier. A great example is the ability to Run script and Client Notification from the deployment status view of an application for example:

Using this we can easily run a “Evaluate Application Deployments” task on all failed for example, wake-up computers and so on.
I assume it isn’t that small change as it looks like, so maybe it is wrong to say it is small, but it will be very useful!

Custom icon for Task Sequence/package

All I can say is Yes, yes, yes!!! The current Top 1(open) request on the Configuration Manager feedback portal – Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager · Community – Custom icon for Task Sequence / Package

Yes, we can now add icons for Task Sequence / packages, a great feature loooooong awaited and asked for. I for one had stopped hoping for it to be added to the product but here we are!

And it looks beautiful in Software Center!

And as I wrote above we can now add an icon to a package as well.

LedBat for Software Update Points

We have had LedBat support for Distribution Points for a while now and in MEMCM TP 2201 we have the setting available for Software Update points as well as a new option under properties.

Distribution status visualization

We now have the option to visualize content distribution status of an application for example. Not that much to look at in my small TP environment but it will be useful, I wonder how it would look like in a large environment.

Sort by icon in the console

Another one of the “small” ones which are really useful. I think I have tried to sort on the icon many times just to realize that it doesn’t sort on the icon, but now it does. Simple, easy and useful!

To summarize, some really great features in there this time around! As always it was fun playing around with the TP release. For a complete list of new features in this release, check out the docs page: