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Anders Olsson 01 Dec 2023
1 min

Inherit sensitivity from source to answers with Microsoft Copilot

Did you know that if classified and labeled data from the Microsoft Graph is utilized with Microsoft 365 Copilot, your emails, documents, and presentations not only gain clarity but also inherit sensitivity for enhanced protection?

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot, an innovative AI tool, offers a compelling solution by integrating classified and labeled data from the vast repository of the Microsoft Graph. This integration isn't just about enhancing clarity in your emails, documents, and presentations but also about infusing sensitivity into your content for fortified protection.

Understanding the Dynamics:

Copilot is empowered by data from the Microsoft Graph, it gains insights that extend beyond mere content generation. It comprehends the context, sensitivity, and classification of information, thus becoming adept at handling data with the required level of caution and confidentiality.

Sensitivity Inheritance:

Copilot in cooperation with classified and labeled data from Microsoft Graph ensures that the generated content inherits the same sensitivity parameters. This means that as Copilot assists in content creation or augmentation, it inherently maintains the confidentiality levels associated with the utilized data. As a result, documents, emails, or presentations crafted with Copilot reflect a heightened sense of protection and privacy.


Empowering Data Control:

However, before diving into the realm of AI-driven solutions like Copilot, exercising control over your data is imperative. This pre-emptive step involves establishing robust data governance practices within your organization. By setting clear protocols for data classification, access controls, and encryption, you lay the foundation for leveraging AI tools while ensuring the safety and integrity of your information.

Onevinn Expertise

Count on Onevinn's Expertise If you need deep experience and knowledge to get started with Microsoft Purview Compliance and Copilot, Onevinn is here to help. Reach out today for seamless integration, ensuring your data remains protected and your business productivity is maximized.

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