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Jörgen Nilsson 07 Feb 2020
1 min

MEM Co-Management workload Mobile Apps

I got this question many times “what does the Mobile Apps Co-Management workload actually do”. So here is a short post on the topic. It is fairly simple it controls where applications (PowerShell scripts) can be installed from, Intune & MEMCM or only Configuration Manager.

We start by enabling the Mobile apps feature which is still pre-release in MEMCM 1910.

When we turn the above feature on we can control what users see in Company Portal and where applications and PowerShell scripts can be installed from. We enable the Client Apps workload for our Pilot group.

And then we enable the Client Apps workload for our Pilot group.

If we then log on to a computer that is NOT a member of the Client Apps workload and start the Company Portal app we get the following experience.

And when we log on to a computer that is part of the Client Apps workload we can install applications from Company Portal.

The Mobile Apps/Client Apps workload can be used to pilot application and PowerShell script deployment from Intune. Extremely useful in a pilot scenario for some users that are road warriors for example pulling applications from Intune is a great feature.