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Tom Aafloen 23 Jan 2023
2 min

No employer can beat what I get from Onevinn

Tom Aafloen is an expert in identity security, and has been part of Onevinn for 11 years. Great freedom in his role, combined with a strong sense of community, means he feels both challenged and secure. 



If you have a question about Microsoft Azure AD, Tom Aafloen is the right person to ask. His role mostly consists of sharing knowledge with other people about the identity platform. 

 “My work involves explaining, describing and demonstrating. And while my focus with the customer is identity management, I often need to take a step back and see the overall picture. To actually handle the overall picture, I have colleagues with cutting-edge expertise in that area. This is a big asset with Onevinn – we all have different specialisations that reinforce each other”, Tom explains. 


Keeping up with the latest updates in your area 

Onevinn are specialists in intelligent security. Onevinn’s employees are given time to monitor the latest developments, allowing them to stay at the forefront of their sectors and make the best possible use of Microsoft’s latest solutions.  
“I love keeping myself up-to-date with what’s going on – and I get the time to do so. My customer assignments never take up all of my working hours, because we must have time to learn about the changes constantly being launched by Microsoft. Trying to keep up makes me happy, but also frustrated, because sometimes there are a ton of new things all at once. And it isn’t like there are courses in the latest developments. Because we’re the people who create courses to teach other people.”  

 Tom is grateful for the general feeling of freedom at Onevinn. It has a flat, flexible organisational structure, where employees have plenty of room to implement their own ideas. Practical problem solving always gets top priority.  

 “When I started working at Onevinn, I noticed immediately that common sense governs how we act more than anything else. We don't have many internal rules, and there’s nobody looking over your shoulder because there’s a strong culture of trust.”  

A whole team of helpers 

Working freely doesn’t mean Tom feels the responsibility is his alone. At Onevinn there are many other people working on the same thing, and he always has colleagues to bounce ideas off – something that wasn’t so self-evident in previous positions, where he was more solitary in his work. 

 “Everyone has a great deal of freedom and responsibility, but you always get help and support when you ask for it. We don’t normally work evenings, but we know we can always ring each other in an emergency to give and receive quick help. We also now have a team monitoring customer security 24/7, and that reassures me,” Tom says. 

A strong team spirit, despite hybrid working 

Tom either works from home, at a coworking space in Karlstad, or out on his customers’ sites. And yet he is still in close contact with his colleagues. They interact digitally every day and travel to head office in Gothenburg once or twice a quarter. At the latest meeting in Gothenburg, they all stayed in a spa hotel, and everyone got to bring a guest. But sometimes the colleagues do slightly more challenging things together. 

 “Before the pandemic, we did an annual trip together and those experiences have brought us closer to each other. These included quad biking across the lunar landscape of Iceland, canyoning in Alicante and rock climbing in Split. Hanging from a 60 m high cliff together really strengthens your relationships. My colleagues are wonderful people and I’d continue socialising with them even if we didn’t work together,” Tom says. 

A whole career with Onevinn 

Eleven years have passed since Tom started at Onevinn, but he has no plans to look elsewhere.  

 “If you aren’t happy in your situation, you simply speak up. Our communication is uncomplicated. You can get change, variation and development without having to leave the company. You can have a whole career here. I've never been tempted to move on. It’s hard to see how another employer could beat this,” Tom concludes.