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Henrik Parkkinen 29 Mar 2021
1 min

Onevinn Security Assessment

It has never been more important than in today’s highly competitive digital ecosystem to ensure the organisations data and information is kept safe and protected. Data and information are, and will in the future also be, a key success factor for an organisation stay not only competitive but also highly important from a regulatory and compliance perspective. Data and information are the new crown jewels everyone needs to ensure are safeguarded.

The latest weeks it has been highly recognizable for everyone operating in the digital landscape of data, information and IT which effects the zero days attacks, known as HAFNIUM, has caused. The impacts have been high, not only from an IT and information security perspective, but also from a business perspective for many organisations. Cybercrime is not only a challenge for modern enterprises and organisations, but also something that is impacting nations and everyone at a global scale. Cybercrime and attacks are due to the magnitude and impacts it causes on multi-dimensional planes everyone’s concern.

Modern enterprises and organisation’s needs, to ensure the employees and digital assets are safeguarded, be aware of their own security posture. Without awareness there is no possibility to take actions, in terms of for example investments, implementations or changes, in relation to adequate security controls. With awareness comes the great insight of being able to understand, prioritize and concentrate on those areas of the security control landscape where an organisation suffers the most.

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Onevinn Security Assessment is a methodology, built on Centre of Internet Security 20 (CIS), which will help enterprises and organisations to understand their current security posture. The assessment will not only assess the current security posture, but it will also help the organisation to identify the wanted future position. As a part of the engagement Onevinn will, together with the customers organisation, create a security roadmap for how to achieve the wanted future position. The goal with Onevinn security assessment is to help modern organisations and enterprises to safeguard data and information by making sure adequate security controls are implemented.

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