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Olov Norman 27 Aug 2021
1 min

Onevinn speaks at Workplace Ninjas, five Sessions in total!

Onevinn will participate in five sessions at Workplace Ninjas event 31/8 - 2/9 2021.

The Workplace Ninja events are community driven and focused on spreading knowledge to the attendees. The main topics are ConfigMgr, EMS, Identity, PowerShell and Microsoft Threat Protection. The sessions will bring all WPNinjas together and create an inspiring atmosphere to network with others which take care of the same topics in their companies.

Mattias Borg and Stefan Schörling will present:

Defender for Endpoint - Hardcore Deep

This session is deep diving into Microsoft Defender for Endpoint with Advanced Threat Hunting, Live response and services running on the client side.

Ronni Pedersen (Apento)  and Jörgen Nilsson will present: 

Windows 10 Servicing in the work from anywhere era

In the work from anywhere era we need to be able to Service Windows 10 anywhere. How can we service Windows 10 without using Task Sequence and loosing control?! How do we troubleshoot, how can we handle drivers? That and much more will be answered during the session! Don't miss out!

Ronni Pedersen (Apento) and Jörgen Nilsson will present:

Troubleshooting the modern managed client

Learn how to troubleshoot the Microsoft 365 managed desktop. This session covers real-word examples and notes from the fields when we dive deep into the nuts and bolts of these scenarios through the tools of troubleshooting.

Mattias Borg and Martin Blomgren will present: 

Incident Response with Azure Sentinel and voice control

What?! In this session, Martin, Mattias and Stefan will show how we can leverage M365, Azure services, voice control and home automation for our incident response. We will show how you can build extreme automation flows

Anders Olsson will present:

Security and compliance in Microsoft Teams

In these times the use of Microsoft Teams grows.
We can read about more incidents around information leakage and most of them are caused by end user mistakes. In this session you learn how to best ensure security with Microsoft Teams while everyone's working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak. Information and team based classification can prevent unauthorized; access to information, file sharing and guest access. Different DLP solutions can be used to define what kind of data that is allowed to be stored in the cloud. This and much more will be demonstrated in this session!

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