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Olov Norman 30 Sep 2021
2 min

Focus on Proactive Security

- Increased protection against intrusion attacks and greater focus on proactivity

Microsoft's  Security Advisories Report shows that more than 80 percent of companies have experienced a ransomware attack in the past two years, while only 29 percent of security budgets are dedicated to protecting against this type of threat.

For those of us working in cybersecurity, the threat picture is not surprising news. But the fact that companies choose not to invest time and resources in securing their IT environments is surprising given the high value of data and information in today's society and business world.

At Onevinn, we work closely with Microsoft and monitor security updates on a daily basis. In this post we tell you more about how Microsoft is working to increase security, eliminate ransomware attacks, and the level of cybersecurity we can expect to see more of in the future.

Increased threats require increased security efforts

Generally speaking, attacks on organisations hybrid, (on premises, and cloud integrated) environments are increasing significantly. This is a growing problem that requires increased security efforts. We may be perceived as nagging, but it is worth repeating: security work is something that needs to be done on an ongoing and long-term basis. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix, but there are solutions and methods for cybersecurity today that are smarter and better than ever before. This, of course, applies to security solutions both in and out of the cloud.

Innovations and new ways of working require increased security

Microsoft is constantly expanding security performance with new services specifically designed to eliminate threats. The most recent security release of Microsoft Defender 365 XDR that was launched during Microsoft's Ignite conference in September 2020. The latest conference, in March 2021 also highlighted the new hybrid workplace, new innovative cloud services and increased demands for customized user experiences in our digital world. Rapid evolution and new ways of working require new and higher demands on IT security in general.

Increased focus on proactivity

Increased digitalisation and ways of working smarter and have evolved rapidly, requiring a more comprehensive and modern approach to creating a safe and secure IT environment. In practice, the solution is technology and strategies that prevent attacks now and, in the future, rather than simply defending against ongoing attacks. In short, a more proactive approach to security where threats can be eliminated before they happen.

Some insight from Onevinn:

Greater investment in AI and ML

Companies need to invest more in artificial intelligence and machine learning in the coming years to automate their security processes, detections and responses. This is to enable, in the next stage of cybersecurity, proactive security work where automation is not only important, but absolutely crucial.

Zero Trust

Zero Trust, as the name suggests, is about never trusting identities, devices, data and that environments are secure, but instead assuming that the risk of attacks and threats is ongoing at all times. In other words, a Zero Trust Model. To deal with known and unknown threats, we believe that more businesses will apply a Zero Trust approach. With the help of AI and ML, signals are analyzed by data, and information generated from the user and endpoints in the business, resulting in increased safety and security.

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