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Jörgen Nilsson 11 Oct 2019
1 min

QuickTip: Intune Win32app and .intunewin file name

A quick Friday tip about Intune Win32Apps that I find annoying. When using PSAppDeploymentToolkit togethe with Intune the filename in Intune will always be “Deploy-Application.Intunewin” as we point to that when we wrap the application as shown below. The same applies for setup.exe or install.exe as well and other unattended setups.
The filename of the setup file will show up in Intune as well even if we rename the file it will still show as demonstrated below.

A simple solution is to simply create a .txt file with the name we want in the application source folder, in this case 7-zip so the text file have the name we want instead to show up instead.

We point to that file as the setup file when we create the Win32app using the wrapping tool as shown below.

The .IntuneWin file we created will have the correct name and the app will show the correct filename when we have imported it as well.

This is really not a big deal, but as I like everything to be nice and correct this looks much nicer. It will also be easier to go back to my repository, if I save all my .IntuneWin files as well so I can actually see which one is what.
Thanks to Sassan my Colleague for always helping out!