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Jörgen Nilsson 08 Sep 2020
1 min

The smart way to a modern workplace

A modern Managed workplace is something that many organizations are looking at for the moment. Working from home which fast became a reality for many organizations this spring due to Covid-19 has made the need of a more modern way to manage the managed windows clients.  
Being able to ship them directly to the end-user and still maintaining security, manageability, and usability which are the three pillars we focus on when designing a managed platform.

first picture 

Managed Workplace. Moving to a modern managed workplace can be a huge project and cost. One of the toughest workloads to move are Microsoft Endpoint Manager Configuration Manager as many have invested in knowledge, automation, integrations and use it to be compliant to the regulations they need to follow. Moving to a modern managed client is simplified dived in two different things, Identity and Manageability.

Identity, AD moving to Azure AD that is foremost and identity question but also manageability as many of us use Group policies to manage both settings and security settings.

Manageability, Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager moving to Intune. With huge investments made over time in MEMCM this is one of the most expensive and labor-intensive workloads to move. With many integrations made to third party systems, automation, compliance reporting, asset management to mention some integrations.

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Company Portal. With the release of the new version of the Company Portal which supports both Software updates and available applications from MEMCM gives us new possibilities. As end user experience is one of three design pillars the end-user will get the modern experience using the Company Portal and we can deploy applications from MEMCM or Intune, for the end user it is seamless.

How do we make the move to a modern workplace the Smart Way then?
Well we will tell you more on our Webinar on September 15 at 10:00 sign up by clicking the link below: 

The smart way to a modern workplace webinar.