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Christopher Lindström 30 Nov 2021
1 min

This Christmas we're helping to keep the cancer away from children

Every day, a child is affected by cancer. But there is hope, more children than ever are surviving their cancer. We are proud to contribute to the Swedish Children's Cancer Foundation @Barncancerfonden during Christmas 2021!

When Nadim was 6 years old, he got leukemia and started a 2.5-year cancer treatment. The desire for the last day of treatment is great. This Christmas, we're helping to keep cancer away from children by supporting the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. You do it too

In Swedish:

Varje dag drabbas ett barn av cancer. Men det finns hopp. Fler barn än någonsin överlever idag sin cancer. Vi är stolta över att bidra till @Barncancerfonden under julen 2021!

När Nadim var 6 år fick han leukemi och påbörjade en 2,5 år lång cancerbehandling. Längtan efter den sista behandlingsdagen är stor. Den här julen hjälper vi till att hålla cancer borta från barn genom att stödja Barncancerfonden. Gör det du också.


Team Rynkeby - God Morgon

In Addition to our support to Barncancerfonden we are also supporting Team Rynkeby - God Morgon.

Team Rynkeby - God Morgon is a charity fund that works to raise money for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. We want to increase knowledge and awareness of children with cancer. Help support our fight against childhood cancer!

"Christopher and the others at Onevinn AB have helped us fight childhood cancer in 2021.
But not only that, they will continue in 2022, which will be the 5th year in a row that they sponsor with money for cancer research! We humbly thank you for their loyal support."