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Jörgen Nilsson 09 Nov 2021
1 min

Troubleshooting Windows 10/11 Enterprise subscription is not valid

Wrote a blog post on how to Troubleshoot Windows 10/11 Subscription based activation over at 4Sysops. The issue we saw show up as Windows 10 Enterprise subscription is not valid as shown below.

It turns out the If there is more than one Azure AD account added under “Access work or School”, they will fail with the error “0x87E10BF2” in the Store event log. Again it is the evil dialog that Microsoft Apps like Remote Desktop, Microsoft 365 apps and more that prompt the user “Stay signed in to all your apps” that causes it.

I wrote about the issue where on personal enrolled devices it breaks the Intune sync altogether as well.

To read more check out the post on on how to troubleshoot and fix the issue.