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Anders Olsson Oct 27, 2020 2:03:55 PM
1 min

Double Key Encryption by Microsoft

In this webinar, Onevinn will introduce to you the newly released, in preview, version of Hold Your Own Key for Microsoft Information Protection. The new double key encryption technology let you manage your own key, in your own custody (inaccessible to Microsoft as a service provider)

Choose the correct key option for your sensitive information

This webinar will do a deep dive around everything you need to know about the different key options for Information Protection and the newly released encryption technology from Microsoft. A technology that will let you encrypt your most highly sensitive data with regulatory restriction isolated from all kind of third-party access.

For whom may this concern?

The webinar is aimed for you that works as a IT/Information Manager and/or CISO.


Anders Olsson, IT/Information Security Advisor, presents the new key-option for Information Protection for about 40 minutes. If you wish you may then stay on, asking and listening to questions and answers for a further 20 minutes.