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Christopher Lindström 11 Mar 2021
1 min

Welcome Jakob

Our MDR service is growing and today we are proud to announce our new colleague Jakob Türk who is joining the MDR team!  Read the interview below.

jakobturk[Who is Jakob?]
Jakob is a twenty-five year old and lives in Halmstad. He studies infosec and forensics, and is finishing his master’s degree in network forensics. He was previously a professional streamer, playing League of Legends at a high level.

[What backgrounds do you have?]
I have done some scattered Cisco certificates tied to Cisco courses in my degree, and I am really excited to join the Onevinn team. Other than the aforementioned bachelor’s and master’s degree in information security, I did a simulated phishing attack on my school as my bachelor’s thesis and I’m currently working on an antivirus bypass via virtual machine hard drive mounting as my master’s thesis.

[What is your passion?]
Within information security, I am a big fan of offensive security. All things penetration testing is fascinating; I had a lot of fun with the phishing simulation I ran against my university. I also particularly enjoyed the forensic scenarios we did, simulations of a ransomware attack, digging through pcap files to build a timeline of how the attacker gained access, which host was exposed first, if it was malicious intent by the user or the result of social engineering and so on.

[What do you do in your spare time?]
I still play League of Legends and a multitude of different video games, including streaming them on twitch. I host Dungeons & Dragons sessions for my friends, play magic the gathering, draw fantasy maps, and when covid is over I’m going back to the gym again.
In summary, if it’s nerdy, I’m probably a fan.

[Why Onevinn?]
Onevinn is agile, sophisticated and very open for me as a new employee. I’m a big fan of the culture in the company and how development and progress is handled and I’ve yet to meet another employee who I think I wouldn’t get along with.