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Christopher Lindström 25 Jan 2021
1 min

Welcome Martin!

Today we are proud to present our new colleague Martin Blomgren! Martin will join our MDR service. Read the interview to find our more!


[Who is Martin?]

My name is Martin Blomgren, I am 39 and live in a small town just outside of Örebro in Sweden. 

[What background do you have?]

I first came in contact with computers in the late 80s and networking in early 90s and have been passionate about IT ever since. I have a long background within infrastructure and development and have been working on companies of different sizes in both the private and public sector over the years. Last years have been as a Senior consultant helping customers with Automation, Monitoring and infrastructure in Azure.

[What is your passion?]

Implementing and adopting Azure Cloud services with everything from a Secure Infrastructure with Networking in mind to deployment of said Architecture with Azure DevOps. Integrate and Automate is something that I love doing and my belief is that almost nothing is impossible, you just need to adapt the solution to fit your needs.

[ What do you do in your spare time?]

On my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family and various outdoor activities. I am also deep down the black hole of Home Automation where everything that could be controlled and automated should be – even though it means soldering or reverse engineering. Another long-time interest is scuba diving where I hope to start up again now when the kids are getting old enough.

[Why Onevinn?]

The culture of Onevinn where the mindset is to share knowledge and help each other. All of the people at Onevinn really have a passion for what they do, share that knowledge and help each other whenever possible. The term ’having fun at work’ is something that really comes to mind here!