Security Incident Response

If you think you have or know you have a Security Incident please fill in the form and our experienced Onevinn CSIRT team will reach out shortly.
The team has long experience in supporting customers in Incident Response and Compromised Recovery.
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Jörgen Nilsson 02 Feb 2022
1 min

Welcome Mikael!



[Who is Mikael]

I grew up in small-town Sweden but moved to Stockholm about 15 years ago where I live still with my family. I love to be challenged and learn new things. I appreciate humor in my every day, a good laugh between friends and colleagues always makes the day better.

[What background do you have]

After I graduated high school I started my IT career in consumer support for a large PC manufacturer, then later moved on to their internal Service Desk helping out various clients. At that point I got really interested in Microsoft Exchange, and from there I've taken the journey all the way from Exchange 2003 to Office 365.

[What is your passion]

My passion is to make work life easier for people, both from a security and a productive standpoint.

[What do you do in your spare time]

In my spare time I like to be with my family, as well as watch football (soccer for the yanks!), both live and on TV.

Before Covid I tried to travel at least twice a year which is something that gives me time to catch my breath. I feel that one of the best ways to travel is on a cruise ship, which I hope will be possible to do again within a year or two. 

[Why Onevinn]

I have always heard a lot of good things about Onevinn and when Stefan Schörling started here it made my decision easier.