Security Incident Response

If you think you have or know you have a Security Incident please fill in the form and our experienced Onevinn CSIRT team will reach out shortly.
The team has long experience in supporting customers in Incident Response and Compromised Recovery.
Keep calm and we will be with you shortly!

Johan Frisk 09 Jan 2023
1 min

Welcome Niklas!

[Who is Niklas] NKL-profile
 A 33 year old guy who lives in a village outside Borås called Äspered with my wife and 2 kids.
[What background do you have]
 I started my work life as an officer in the Swedish Armed Forces, and from there pivoted in to one of my childhood interests that is technology. To do this pivot I studied Information Technology at the University of Borås and that launched me in to a consultant role for one of the biggest IT companies in the Nordics. During my time at this company I had multiple roles spanning from technically hands-on Cloud Architect to Head of the Swedish Cloud Services department. 
[What is your passion] 
I want to help companies adopt the public cloud. Both in technology to use the best suited features and solutions for their needs, and also in the cultural shift in the organization to take advantage of the new way of consuming IT. I'm also a big fan of continuous learning and believe that it's important in this fast changing environment. 
[What do you do in your spare time]
I spend a lot of time with family and friends, and we have the privilege that many of my family's closest friends lives in the same village as we do (that means walking distance). During the coming year I'm also planning to embark on probably the biggest project in my life and build a house, of course in the same village. Along with that I also use my spare time to improve my Azure skills. 
[Why Onevinn]
Onevinn has a focus and culture that I strongly resonate with. The company is also packed with so many talented colleges that you are bound to learn something new every day!
[What will you do at Onevinn]
I'm joining the Cloud Security team as a Cloud Solution Architect, and in that role I will support our customers in their journey to adopt the public cloud in a secure, scalable and agile way.  I will also help customers who are further on their journey to improve their security posture in Azure.
It feels good to for the first time say #WeAreOnevinn