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If you think you have or know you have a Security Incident please fill in the form and our experienced Onevinn CSIRT team will reach out shortly.
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Olov Norman 09 Oct 2023
1 min

Welcome Rikard

[Who is Rikard?]Rikard-2500x2500

I’m a 47-year-old Norrlänning in exile, now living in Falun with my better half Hanna. I have a flown-out daughter who is 17 years old.

[What do you do in your spare time?]

As a typical weekend warrior., I spend a lot of time climbing all year round. I have always been active in some kind of action-filled sport like skydiving, free skiing, whitewater kayaking, etc.

In the time outside the sports world, I really like to play around with home automation, and I try to contribute to the open-source product Home Assistant’s community. When there is time, me and Hanna like to travel to new places around the world.

My best way to relax at home is to cook tonight’s dinner while listening to some podcasts.

[What is your Passion?]

I really like the agile way of working where you can see results early in the process. Waiting for the perfect plan is not really my style. I prefer to start walking in a good direction, plan during the walk, and sooner or later, I will end up in the perfect position, no matter if the end-goal has moved or not.

You will see me glow when the business comes back to me as an IT-guy and says “Hey, this made our day easier”.

Being part of and driving initiatives that help businesses’ needs and requirements become realised in technology is where I work best.

[What background do you have?]

I’m closing in on 30 years of consecutive work within the IT industry. I started working in the mid-90s and have done everything from carrying large CRT monitors to working as a lead architect in large and complex programs.

I have worked in various industries over the years, ranging from consultancy, government, retail, and manufacturing.

[Why Onevinn?]

During my years in the industry, I’ve worked with and met several people who now work at Onevinn. I know that individual competence, mental attitude, and the way people take on the security, cloud and management journey are what I am looking for.

That, plus the direction of the company on a larger scale, paves the way for an exciting future at Onevinn.

[What will you do at Onevinn?]

I will work with a small team of CSSMs (Cloud Security Success Managers) and will be helping customers on their cloud and security journeys. The focus will be on finding the right competence and resources at Onevinn and Microsoft.