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Olov Norman 12 Feb 2024
2 min

Welcome to us Kim Nordqvist

Who is Kim?

I am 30 years old, i live in Gothenburg together with my fiancée. Originally i come from Timrå, butKim-bw-v1 the last 9 years i have lived in Gothenburg.

What background do you have?

I studied Electricity with a focus on Computer technologies back at Gymnasium, a path that had a strong focus on introductory courses on areas that are being widely used in the world today, areas such as operating systems and their functions (clients/servers/AD), local area networks and basic programming. Then immediately after Gymnasium i decided to continue studying Virtualization technology at YH  for two(2) additional years. Once i was done studying i started working roles related to my education. Field technician, ServiceDesk/support, Consultant and my latest role before Onevinn as a Cloud Specialist  with a focus on strengthening security posture by reducing attack surface primarily on the M365 and Azure platform and in many cases also Hybrid environments.

What is your passion?

I have a passion for technology and for problem solving, the latter is more for everything, not just technology. But i find myself being my best if i combine those parts of me together. It's what i feel i do best. I also like to travel and see the world, which is something i try to do at least once every year.

What do you do on your spare time?

When I'm not working i spend most of my time with my fiancée or I'm hanging out with friends, either in-person or online, in the spring/summertime i enjoy spending time outdoors, playing discgolf, and more recently also regular golf. Taking long walks, sometimes doing outdoor gym or swimming. And during the autumn/winter i spend most of my time inside, either experimenting with digital technologies, playing videogames, doing CTFs (capture the flag events), or watching TV-shows. I also have some season-agnostic activities i enjoy, boardgames and TCGs (trading card games such as "Magic The Gathering"), city life activities, eating at a restaurant, movie in cinema, hanging out at a bar, playing pool or bowling or watching Hockey, and if i would ever found myself without anything to do i usually listen to podcasts or read books on subjects that i find interesting (technology/cryptography/blockchain/it-security/pentesting/cybercrime).

Why Onevinn?

I choose to become a part of Onevinn because it seems to me that this is a company that knows a lot about subjects i find myself being very interested in and that I'm always trying to learn more about. Therefore i feel there are many likeminded and similar people to myself here, which makes work feel fun and exciting. Now i wish to contribute to what Onevinn stands for and start to become a part of it.