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Jörgen Nilsson 04 May 2022
1 min

Windows 11 Insider Start Menu layout registry customizations

With Windows 11 Insider release 22059 the new Start Menu options were introduced which I love! I almost never anything in the recommended section on the Start Menu and now we get three alternatives to how much estate that part can take up on the Start Menu.
The same as today, more or less space. I want more Pins of course! This can be changed in Settings/ Personalization/Start Menu

As I don’t prefer the default option I want to change the default for my users when the next version of Windows 11 is released.
the Layout option is stored in the following registry value.


 0 = Default

1 = More pins

2 = More recommendations

The same script described here can be used to modify the default Start Menu during OSD/AutPilot or simple add it to that list of settings that we change in that script.

Happy customizing!