Security Incident Response

If you think you have or know you have a Security Incident please fill in the form and our experienced Onevinn CSIRT team will reach out shortly.
The team has long experience in supporting customers in Incident Response and Compromised Recovery.
Keep calm and we will be with you shortly!

Olov Norman 11 Jan 2023
2 min

Onevinn gives me endless opportunities for persona development

Daniel Läth has been working for Onevinn for three years, and is a member of the Secure Client Team. When asked whether he likes his job, Daniel says he finds it hard to believe he’s ever going to want to leave. But why is that?

A cutting-edge employer Picture1

Daniel Läth works with security on client platforms, and currently has three assignments. His job involves making sure that all of the customers’ devices have an updated, secure, and productivity-boosting Microsoft platform to work with. Daniel describes his enjoyment at getting to work with the latest developments in security.

“Onevinn has been working with security for a long time and now it’s more important than ever. The company is always at the cutting edge, and we get to work with the latest technology to help our customers. And it's very rewarding to know that what we do makes a difference,” says Daniel.

Microsoft MVPs contribute to a fantastic development curve

New Onevinn employees often work with a Microsoft MVP – Most Valuable Professional. These close collaborations and exchanges of knowledge lead to exciting opportunities for rapid development. Jörgen Nilsson, Microsoft MVP, is Daniel’s immediate supervisor. Daniel is driven by a thirst for knowledge, and notes that Jörgen is a major asset, both to Onevinn and the entire Microsoft community.

“Jörgen knows the products inside out and passes on an enormous amount of knowledge. His contact network also means he’s aware of what’s going on in the field, and what people are looking for. For me, it’s important to be in a workplace where there’s someone who knows more than I do, so I can always learn more. A colleague and I often say that we’ll always work together, because there’s no reason to change jobs! I just want to continue on this fantastic career development curve,” says Daniel.

A friendly team that loves socialising

Daniel lives in Stockholm and spends half his time working remotely and the other half out with customers. To a large extent, he gets to choose where he works – based on the customers’ needs, of course! He meets his colleagues digitally, but also physically in Stockholm and at head office in Gothenburg.

“We meet up at least once a quarter. I'm actually off to Gothenburg tomorrow. I’ll be there Friday to Sunday, and we’ll have a few meetings but otherwise eat great food and just hang out. And some of us will be playing padel,” says Daniel.

For Onevinn, it's important to give employees freedom while simultaneously making sure there are opportunities for close collaboration and for learning from each other.

“I’d heard that Onevinn was like one big family – and that’s definitely turned out to be true. It’s a real team effort and everyone’s so helpful. I'm really happy being around so many like-minded types. It’s a community of people who don’t settle for second-best. We all give that bit extra to make sure things turn out really well,” says Daniel.